AMC Roofing Contractors

I’m Michael Cherry and I am the owner of AMC Roofing Contractors, licensed throughout the state of Florida.  I was born and raised in South Florida and I’m a 3rd generation roofing Contractor.  My family has been in the South Florida Roofing business for about 60 years. Our success in this business is the result of treating people fairly, doing things the right way and constantly perfecting our craft.

Our company literally keeps the roof over people’s heads.  We offer two main services, which are roof replacement and roof repair for commercial and residential properties.  In South Florida, we deal with a lot of sun and rain which deteriorate roofing materials.   Eventually, all roofs leak but if it’s built right and maintained properly you will have many years before that happens. 

There are a lot of companies who do what we do, but none who do it the way we do it, and only a few with as much experience.  We use new technology to keep our property owners aware of what’s going on during our initial inspection, throughout the repair and at the conclusion of the job.  That technology is a drone.  With our drones, we give the property owners high-resolution photography and video showing them what their roof looks like, what’s wrong with it and what we are doing to fix it.  And, we make sure you see everything we’re doing before, during and at the completion of our work. 

With AMC Roofing Contractors you’ll see the difference.